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Challenger is story of promising

CHALLENGER INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS GMBH Quality is the integral part of CHALLENGER INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS GMBH values, this ensures that ongoing improvements are made according to quality requirements through close dialogue with customers. Our flexibility allows us to improve and strives to find the best possible solution for customer’s need, whether that means upgrading existing solutions or developing new ones. We cover the whole process from the design of the product to selecting the suitable machine till supporting the establishment and running. The main pillars of our services are:


We provide the best quality .
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Support for Quality certification (i.e. ISO9001, ISO22000, etc.)

Assistance and advice in establishing, implemention and operation of quality management systems ISO 9001/2015 and ISO 22000 for best food safety practices.


Full Lines- PET Filling


We support projects at all stages whether at the beginning by providing the best advice based on our experience and knowledge, or during an expansion, solving a problem or acquiring a quality certification. .

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